Are ya lovin’ it?

Are ya lovin’ it?

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Love your job and you’ll never work a day in your life — so goes the saying, and wouldn’t we all want that to be true? However the statistics tend to show us another story — jerk managers, toxic workplaces, disgruntled peers and disengaged employees seem to be the norm. Who could love their job when they’re barely squeaking by financially and psychologically?

The key to loving your work isn’t entirely straightforward — there are basic entry qualifications like a decent salary, a safe environment, health benefits, a feeling of competence and maybe a sense of meaning and contribution. Beyond that, we know that people take jobs for the money and position, but they stay for the people. You need a good manager who cares about you, coaches you, works with you on your development, and nourishes your competence and autonomy. You need colleagues who are solid performers, who are reliable and dependable, who step up when needed and are friendly to talk to at lunch. And you need purposeful work — the sense that you are making the world a better place through doing what you love. Every job can have a greater purpose, and you will find many articles within this issue to inspire you to do just that.

A successful company filled with employees who love their jobs is built on five imperative pillars: coworkers, autonomy, culture, opportunities to learn and grow, and challenging work. Profiled in this issue is Gougeon Insurance Brokers, and this company has all five of these in spades — no wonder it is made up of 25 employees who love their jobs.

Writer Jennifer Paterson, did a super job of providing the inside track to getting your employees to love their jobs with the article, “10 Quirky Benefits”. The benefits package you offer to staff is an opportunity to give them something a little extra. Coined quirky benefits; they may be unique, non traditional, outside-the-box or above-and-beyond benefits. They don’t have to be flashy or cost the employer a fortune, but they will definitely show your staff that they are appreciated in a special way.

Dr. Jack Muskat commented to the editorial team that he could write about “loving your job” or he could find someone who does, then profile him or her instead. Dr. Muskat walked the streets of Toronto, found a high-tech startup, then interviewed the founder and CEO, Pierre Seguin, of Brili, an app that makes daily routines fun for kids and parents. Enjoy this profile on page 20.

Thank you to one of our readers who had a question (see “Letters to the Editor”) and closed by asking us to reach out to Dr. Dave Ulrich for an answer. We did. Ulrich responded and provided an essay, “Learning is an Eternal Principle”, on page 10.

And there is much, much more. Enjoy this issue of Your Workplace magazine!

Originally published in volume 17 issue 4 of Your Workplace magazine.

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