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The Future of Work

The Future of Work

Managers want motivated, engaged, high performing employees. Yet it’s not always clear how to bring out the best in workers. Demographic shifts are spurring researchers and organizations to look for new ways of connecting with employees. 2016’s Imagine Your Workplace Conference addressed the massive changes in organizational culture that are unfolding in the workplace today. […]


Conference Look Back: 2013’s Top Takeaways for Success

As the 2017 Imagine Your Workplace Conference fast approaches, we dug into our archives and found this 47-minute compilation  that includes the key learnings from sessions at the 2013 Your Workplace Conference. Below you’ll find notes, tips and tools in written, video and audio formats. Listen to Dr. Linda Duxbury from Carleton University, Jody Thompson […]

The Unexpected Benefit of Giving

The Unexpected Benefit of Giving

Everywhere you turn, someone is promising to cure your leadership blues. There are airport books, e-books, apps and tools. There are consultants who will train you, teach you, score you and bore you. There are conferences, workshops, webinars and retreats. A 2014 article in McKinsey Quarterly highlights that companies in the U.S. spend more than […]

Taking Care of Number One

Every year I ask my college students the same bonus question on one of their final exams. The question reads: “Who is number one?” More than half of my students will respond, “You are, Al!” I smile, sit back and say, “Yeah, you know it!” Have you ever felt guilty when you placed your own […]

Your Workplace Conference - Resilience

Your Workplace Conference: Resilience

Resilience was the theme of the 2015 Your Workplace Conference, or as Merriam-Webster would have it, “The ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change.” Peppered over the conference tables were decorative pears and apples (Your Workplace does like to keep you healthy!), speakers occasionally ducked away for interviews and massages were […]

Millennials Didnt Invent Social Media You Did

Millennials Didn’t Invent Social Media. You Did.

The nerve of those millennials: Here they are showing up with their smart phones and tablets expecting to connect to your corporate network from a coffee shop while they Snapchat their friends on your time and shamelessly flaunt the social media policy it took you so long to get approved. Guess what? It’s not the […]

A Lawyer’s Brush with Death

As a lawyer, I am often asked how I could ever be depressed. I have a healthy income; I have a high-status occupation; I have a loving family. By all outward signs, I have no business being depressed. But my personal circumstances have little to do with the relapse of depressive symptoms, which just come […]


Fulfilling all the Dimensions of Well-Being

In 1976, Dr. Bill Hettler, co-founder of the National Wellness Institute, came up with six dimensions of wellness that an individual needs to balance in order to thrive: social, emotional, spiritual, occupational, intellectual and physical. (Others have added environmental as a seventh dimension.) According to Hettler, “by applying the model, a person becomes aware of […]

A Bright Spot in the Future of Mental Health at Work

A Bright Spot in the Future of Mental Health

This week, 500,000 Canadians will miss work due to mental health issues. The Hon. Michael Wilson, Chair of the Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC), highlighted this in a recent speech following the release of the findings of the Case Study Research Project. Beginning in 2014 and ending in 2017, the Case Study Research Project […]

What Managers Need to Know About Mental Health

What Managers Need to Know About Mental Health

With Mental Health week upon us, Your Workplace has mental health at top of its mind. It is becoming more and more important for employers to understand what mental illness is and how to prevent it. Mental illness costs Canada $51-billion a year, with about one-third of it in lost productivity, according to the Toronto-based […]

Power Up - Brassicas

Power Up: Brassicas

Brassicas like kohlrabi and cabbages are hearty enough to survive winter and a long stint in your fridge. This Asian slaw makes for great leftovers.

Where Complacency Rules

Where Complacency Rules

The Wells Fargo scandal shows how complacency leads to a toxic culture.