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Change Management Is Key to Success

Keeping ahead of advancing technology and a changing business environment means continually adapting and implementing new ideas to remain successful. Senior leadership tends to shy away from making changes both in their organization and with new products. Many business leaders don’t like having to alter organizational procedures and processes in general because the status quo […]


Holiday Parties Symbolize Well-Being

Having just attended a staff appreciation party hosted by the employer of my beloved, I can definitively state that it is a wise and prudent decision for a company to host a social event, especially in a softer economy. It allows people to come together and share the moment in an atmosphere of celebration, thus […]

Maximizing Performance and Building Your Team’s Abilities

Finding the key to unlocking employee potential and performance has been a constant quest for organizations throughout history. No matter how time impacts workplace trends, employers are always seeking to reap the benefits of a workforce that has tapped into its potential. Unfortunately, in many cases, the initiatives designed to enhance employee performance are more […]

Mature Candidates being Hired

Mature Candidates being Hired

Hiring managers are three times more likely to hire a mature worker (60%) than a Millennial (20%), according to a new survey. The survey, conducted by Braun Research Inc. on behalf of Adecco Staffing, a recruitment and workforce services provider, polled hiring managers across a range of industries about their perceptions of hiring mature workers […]


Say What?

Most of us believe that we are fully aware of and in control of all aspects of our behaviour. We assume that we possess a complete understanding of our underlying motivations and think that we would not be influenced by subtle or subconscious ‘tricks’ that attempt to change our behaviour. However, an emerging line of […]

Action Learning: More Than Brainstorming

Action Learning

With 2012 upon us, we all like to be innovative and fresh. This blogpost comes with permission from The Pillars, a Montreal-based management consulting firm focusing in HR, management, training and executive coaching. In this post, Caroline Samne tells us about action learning — a renewed ability to create, with “the goal of creating action […]

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What is Your Positivity Quotient?

Business is a serious matter. Time, effort, and energy are invested in creating mission statements, crafting strategic plans and paying attention to the bottom line. In many organizations, spending time to focus on interpersonal dynamics comes second to the achievement of these common objectives. There is an emerging line of research that is heavily influenced […]

Author: Mary Karamanos

Hiring? Tips for Recruiting New Hires

Are you ready to start hiring now that the economy is recovering? If so, there are a few things firms should know and do if they want to recruit top talent ahead of their competitors. For starters, if you had to lay off 10 people during the recession, don’t assume you need fill those same […]


Rising to the Top

How do you get your organization to be ranked in the top three (for organizations with > than 1000 people) for Canada’s Best Workplaces? At YW’s recent conference entitled“Secrets of a Thriving Workplace”, we partnered with Great Place to Work® Institute for a great line-up of speakers and interactive presentations. This year Microsoft Canada and […]