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Recruit the Best Candidates with New Web Tools

Recruit the Best Candidates with New Web Tools

With the relentless evolution of technology, Canadian employers have a fresh crop of web tools to track down the best recruiting prospects in cyberspace and grab la crème de la crème before they get away. The new tools come at an opportune time: The economy is heating up and skilled workers are harder to come […]

Thinkers 50 Management - Cutting Edge Thinking to Engage and Motivate Your Employees for Success

Thinkers 50 Management

It used to be that the role of management was straightforward — manage the work, achieve outcomes, meet goals and ensure that the business gets done. Along the way however, as work became more progressive and we saw employees as people rather than functional cogs in a machine, we also realized that managers need to […]

Overcoming Overwhelm

Recently I conducted a workshop for high-performing and high-potential medical doctors. They were the budding elite in their profession — exceptional surgeons, diagnosticians and clinicians. They published papers pushing the boundaries of their specialties; they met with patients and literally saved lives; they actively served the medical profession as volunteers; for example, they taught in […]

Tattoos - Not Just for Sailors and Stevedores Anymore

Tattoos: Not Just for Sailors and Stevedores Anymore

Reconciling corporate image with employee personal expression is not a tension new to the workplace. In the 1970s, policies that restricted men from wearing their hair long and growing sideburns were the subject of legal challenge. Today, tattoos are at the forefront of this longstanding conflict. For an employer two questions emerge: Is it legally […]

Is Your Company Ready for WYOD

Is Your Company Ready for WYOD?

The recent launch of the Apple Watch officially heralded the beginning of the era of wearables. Soon your employees will wear smartwatches to work and your HR, legal, and IT departments will have a whole host of new issues to manage. Better stated, the issues aren’t new, but their application to an evolving technology is. […]

A Solid Retention Strategy

A Solid Retention Strategy

Consulting firms like Bain, Deloitte and McKinsey are reporting that millennials, leadership gaps and the need for coaching and mentoring are taking the headlines. Deloitte’s 2016 Millennial Survey revealed that 71% of millennials will leave their organization within the next two years because they are dissatisfied with their leadership development opportunities. But before you jump […]

Flexible Work Booming but Manager Skills Lacking

Flexible Work Booming, but Manager Skills Lacking

With the demand for flexible work arrangements continuing to increase in Canada and across the globe, it is important for managers to get with the times to ensure they are maximizing the productivity of both remote and fixed employees. Recent research by Regus Canada, a global provider of business centres, found that 79% of firms […]

leading the life you want - Understanding the four domains of life

Managing Career and Home Life

Out of control. That’s how Sam, a divorced father of two girls and an ambitious professional, describes his life. By day, he manages an IT group for a health-care conglomerate while dreaming of starting his own company. “I feel like I can never get it all done,” says Sam. “I’m constantly distracted. I wish I […]

How to ask employee engagement questions the right way

The Employee Engagement Survey

As the HR manager for your organization, you’ve recruited, on-boarded and oriented your employees towards becoming a productive part of your workforce. But, your job isn’t done yet. Your executive team has been discussing the merits of engaged employees—increased productivity and performance, reduced turnover and costs, and a healthier and happier life outside of work—and […]

9 Steps to Recruiting Awesome Talent

9 Steps to Recruiting Awesome Talent

Confucius said, “Find a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.” But according to a 2014 survey from the job website, Career Builder Canada, only 37% of Canadian workers truly love their jobs. Many people find themselves in positions for which they have no aptitude and/or interest. […]

How to avoid the negative outcomes associated with social exclusion

Avoid the Negative Outcomes Associated with Social Exclusion

A considerable amount of time at work is spent while in the company of others. Our daily interactions with our colleagues ultimately serve to either satisfy or threaten our fundamental social needs as human beings. It is perhaps not surprising then, that the nature of employees’ interactions with others at work, for better or worse, […]

Managing the push-pull of pressure in todays workplace

Managing the Push-Pull of Pressure in Today’s Workplace

Doctor Dolittle fans will remember the Pushmi-Pullyu, a fictional llama-like creature with two heads facing in opposite directions. The Pushmi-Pullyu has a basic problem: its two heads can’t both move forward at the same time. And isn’t that how it feels when we’re trying to balance everything we need to get done? Take a look […]