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Work Simply Review

Work Simply

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast”, Peter Drucker, management thought guru, allegedly stated. He was suggesting that you can do all the planning that you want, but if your organizational culture isn’t aligned with where you want to go, it’s going to be hopeless. There’s some truth to this. If your strategy is that you want […]

Will We All Be Replaced by Robots?

Will We All Be Replaced by Robots?

If you’re worried about that disturbingly productive robot lurking outside your corner office — that evil one intent on nabbing your job in a desperate bid to feed its robot spouse and robot children — well, you can probably relax (for now). An article published in November 2015 by the McKinsey Global Institute entitled “Four […]

The Reason Your Team Wont Take Risks

The Reason Your Team Won’t Take Risks

Most senior managers agree that taking risks is important for innovation, but in far too many cases, they don’t act like they believe this. Several years ago, one of us conducted a culture survey on a global organization that considered itself to be highly supportive of developing new products, services and practices. Yet when several […]

the impact of time pressure on work quality

Tick Tock Tick Tock

Our struggle to manage time has troubling ethical implications. However, research shows that lacking free time or feeling consistent time pressure can significantly impact how we interact with other people — and how we perform at work. When we are too busy, we pay less attention to the world around us and are less likely […]

The Silent Treatment

Joe from marketing enters the office and rushes past the new guy to greet his buddies with a happy slap on the back. Shelly from accounting, with her dearth of sporting enthusiasm, doesn’t get invited to the fantasy hockey league. Mark finds Jake so intolerable that he outright ignores the guy. It all seems innocuous […]

Flirting with Shorter Work-Weeks

Flirting with Shorter Work-Weeks

Breaking news: Our progressive friends over in Sweden are currently flirting with new working practices that include a six hour work day. “The eight-hour work day is not as effective as one would think,” says Linus Feldt, CEO of Filimundus, a Stockholm based app developer. “To stay focused on a specific work task for eight […]

Want to Be More Creative

Want to Be More Creative?

You’d like to be a creative genius; to come up with stellar people strategies, innovative sales pitches, top notch meeting doodles. But things are a bit blocked up in your bustling mind and your creativity meter is sputtering helplessly. What to do? Research published this year in the Journal of Applied Psychology tells us that […]

Grief: The Elephant in the Room

What comes to mind when you think of grief in the workplace? You probably think of the sense of loss that comes after a death. But someone can experience a deep sense of loss from a promotion or any other change in their job, whether it’s the completion of a project, a departmental transfer, getting […]

NO Mistakes Allowed - Good employees make mistakes. Great managers allow them

NO Mistakes Allowed?

It’s your first month as manager of your department. You’ve worked hard to get this promotion and you could not be prouder of yourself. As you walk into your first training workshop, you have every intention of making it known that you will not allow any mistakes from your staff. You consider the fact that […]

Succession Planning — Take the First Step

Succession Planning — Take the First Step

More than 17.9 million people are in full-time employment in Canada. Approximately 48% are Baby boomers who will retire in the next eight years, creating a talent shortage that is unparalleled in our history and in other developed nations around the world. At the current rate, by 2050 the global population of those 60 years […]

Read This Now - How to avoid being victimized by last-minute colleagues

Read This Now!

You’re diligently working on various tasks, having organized and effectively planned out your schedule, and then your plans are thrown into disarray because someone emails you with an “urgent” request they say requires immediate attention? You have to scramble to find time to fit in this new request, maybe staying late at the office or […]

Employee Productivity

I will never forget what the shop steward said to me on my first plant tour as a newly minted organizational psychologist. She leaned over and declared with a grim smile, “Oh, you’re here to figure out how to suck the last ounce of productivity out of us.” And so the battle lines were drawn. […]