Careers Are Like Pinball Machines

Careers are-like-pinball-machines
My uncle Joe was an amazing, unassuming man. Kind and loving, he taught me a great deal, for which I will always be grateful. Although we never talked about his work, I remember the smile on his face – he seemed happy with his life.

Uncle Joe worked at the Ford plant in Oakville, Ontario. He always worked there and it was from there that he retired. Like so many others from his generation, one employer was enough.

What a different reality we are living today. We don’t have jobs, we have careers. And one is not enough. Careers today are like pinball machines. You go from one to another, downwards, upwards and from side to side. Some stops along the way will ring your bell, and illuminate your life. Others will have no impact at all.

I was speaking at a conference when one of the delegates asked for my advice on how to manage the multiple work transitions we each go through in life. Having never thought this thought directly, three critical points rolled off my tongue:

  1. Love where you are – all too often we put in too much time doing things that do not make our heart sing.
  2. Over deliver – when you show up for work, do so with everything you’ve got. And this goes for your personal life as well. Fully commit, deliver on your promises and then give a bit more. Do it for you and your soul will resonate.
  3. Be prepared to move on – we are all evolving beings and part of this evolution involves moving on to different experiences.

At the end of the day, when the game is over, and the lights on the machine go out, will you look back and say, “Awesome. Now that was a great ride!”

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