Functional Fitness is a Trend You Should Jump On

Functional Fitness is a Trend You Should Jump On

Functional Fitness is a Trend You Should Jump On
Running to catch the bus you may realize something profound — I want to move better. I want to stride naturally, breathe deeper and accelerate like a gazelle, without my knee hurting. That, friend, is functional fitness. When you are functionally fit your body does what you want it to do, without pain, injury or discomfort.

If you’re questioning your functional fitness, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Take YouTube star John Green. Green is part of an empire that includes educational channels such as Crash Course and SciShow. His upcoming project, “100 Days,” will document his journey to become healthier, educating viewers on nutrition and fitness. True to his nature as a curious and scientific guy, Green will only share information that is scientifically verifiable, and he will measure the results of his journey by his functional fitness abilities instead of weight loss.

Anyone looking to get healthier can benefit from this approach. Instead of focussing on weight loss, functional fitness programs address the body’s ability to change positions in six degrees of freedom: forward/backward, up/down and left/right without discomfort. Think about it — which of these do you need to do in your life: flash your six pack on the beach, run around the park with your dog, or lift your toddler out of a shopping cart? Although a six pack might be nice to have, improving the latter will give you more frequent positive feedback, keeping you motivated, so that it’s easier to keep up the good work.

Broadening how you think about exercise contributes to stick-to-itiveness. In “100 Days,” Green will explore why it is so hard for people to make lasting changes and determine what actually works. His program will not only address the physical benefits of regular exercise; but the psychological and emotional benefits too. Among other things, regular exercise can improve your confidence, help you cope with pressure in a healthy way and increase social interaction. Plus the body rewards you by releasing feel-good brain chemicals, neurotransmitters and endorphins.

So, this January, when you get all fired up to live a healthier lifestyle, consider chucking out the weight loss diet in favour a functional fitness program. It will increase your enjoyment in everyday activities and boost your overall confidence.

Get your nerd-on and tune in to “100 Days” on YouTube starting January 1st for some sciencebased guidance and clever inspiration.

Originally published in volume 18 issue 6 of Your Workplace magazine.

2 thoughts on “Functional Fitness is a Trend You Should Jump On

  1. 10th January 2017

    Anne Altizer


    I have been a proponent of functional fitness for many years. As we age, and the country is aging, it is critical that we are able to keep our full range of motion and do so without pain. That will lead to years of pain-free activity which in turn will keep us young!

    • 11th April 2017

      YW Staff


      You’re absolutely right!

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