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The Courage to Make Real Change

Your Workplace Leadership and HR Conference

What sets our leadership and HR conference apart is the courage to make bold choices.

What Does Your Body Language Convey?

What Does Your Body Language Convey?

Does your body language convey authenticity? 3 Tips for presenting yourself as a more authentic leader.


Backstage Pass: Craig Dowden, PhD

This presentation will build an evidence-based business case as to why we should care more about empathy.

HR Experts Reveal the Biggest Problems Facing HR Today

4 HR experts to answer the question: “What is the biggest problem facing HR today?”

Asking for a colleagues opinion could be one of your smartest moves

Asking for Advice Makes You Look Smarter

Many people fear that asking for advice will make them look bad, but the latest research shows you should ask your colleagues for advice more often.

Chess Not Checkers

Book Review: Chess Not Checkers

This book follows a fictional CEO as he embarks on his first leadership role, but can this fictitious example actually translate to real life?

Three Women Cracking the Glass Ceiling

3 Women Cracking the Glass Ceiling

Women hold only 8.5% of the highest-paid positions in Canada, but the times they are a changin’. Check out what these tough broads have to say.

Broadcasting Happiness review

Book Review: Broadcasting Happiness

In this book, former CBS news anchor, Michelle Gielan, calls upon people to initiate positive change.

Why “Leaders Eat Last”

“Leadership is a skill, not an entitlement,” says author Simon Sinek. Gain more insights from Sinek on the qualities great leaders share.

The Importance of Leadership Assessment

Imagine a leadership assessment that would inform investors about the readiness of the firm’s leadership to meet business challenges.

Horrible Bosses Produce Horrible Employees

Horrible Bosses Produce Horrible Employees

There are many instances when art is used to imitate the ebbs and flows, ups and downs, beauty and nastiness of life. The movie, Horrible Bosses, is one of those instances. This black comedy chronicles three male employees with downright horrible bosses. One works for a female who sexually harasses and blackmails him while the […]

Authentic Leadership - Transparency evokes success

Become a More Authentic Leader

Authenticity has become a key attribute in leadership. Learn the key qualities of an authentic leader.