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BSP_Sara Ross

Backstage Pass: Sara Ross

Pressure might help us get work done, but it doesn’t help us do good work. Learn why having employees work at a fair pace is more efficient.


Backstage Pass: Martha MacInnis

Anyone who’s worked in a windowless cubicle knows such environments aren’t ideal. See how the WELL Building Standard is improving well-being.


Backstage Pass: Mark Franklin

Learn new, evidence-based methods and tools to re-imagine a workplace that supports the career development of all employees of all ages and cultures.


Backstage Pass: Marie-Hélène Budworth, PhD

Feedback rarely improves performance. Why? Managers hate giving it, and staff hate getting it. Learn how feedforward performance management can help.


Backstage Pass: Lori Casselman

This talk explores the rising trends in workplace health, the needs and expectations of millennials, and how to support a best practice approach.


Backstage Pass: Jane O’Reilly, PhD

What happens when an employee feels excluded from the social circle at work? Learn management strategies for limiting social exclusion.


Backstage Pass: Elizabeth Williams

Social media is transforming how we work, making us more productive, more collaborative and more agile than any other group of workers in history.


Backstage Pass: Darren Harris

Learn how to collaborate on mental health issues to improve the health of employees and organizations.


Backstage Pass: Bill Jensen

This talk addresses some of the tools, solutions and cultures we need to improve employee engagement.


Backstage Pass: Craig Dowden, PhD

This presentation will build an evidence-based business case as to why we should care more about empathy.


Backstage Pass: Mike Kennedy

Take a look back at how HR data gathering and reporting was performed in the past and get a glimpse of the future.


Backstage Pass: Brady Wilson

Learn why traditional employee engagement efforts aren’t working and gain 7 brain-based principles to help you shift strategies.