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BSP_Sara Ross

Backstage Pass: Sara Ross

Are you feeling the need to “do more with less” at your workplace? Most likely you answered, yes. What is surprising is that many of us believe we are actually better under pressure; unfortunately, that is not what the research shows. This talk will highlight what happens at a physiological and neurological level when we […]


Backstage Pass: Martha MacInnis

Why would a global company want to renovate their high-rise building to support occupant health and wellbeing? The WELL Building Standard is a new building certification system focused on improving wellness. TD bank launched a pilot project in Toronto implementing this standard. This talk will outline the WELL features and highlight those that specifically support […]


Backstage Pass: Mark Franklin

Employing 21st century career management skills is essential for employees and managers alike to develop talent, support advancement and link career development to employee engagement. Learn new, evidence-based methods and tools to reimagine a workplace that supports the career development of all employees of all ages and cultures. Mark Franklin is the practice leader of […]


Backstage Pass: Marie-Hélène Budworth, PhD

Performance appraisals don’t work! As a consequence many high-profile organizations have abolished them altogether. But is that the best solution? There is still a need to design a process for employee development. Learn about a cutting edge, evidence-based performance management technique that has been shown to work across a range of organizational settings. Marie-Hélène Budworth, […]


Backstage Pass: Lori Casselman

What are the emerging trends shaping today’s workforce? What role should employers play? And what is the future of workplace health? A key factor that is driving change in workplaces today is the growing demographic of millennial workers. Born in an era immersed in technology, globalization and instant communication, the expectations of millennials and their […]


Backstage Pass: Jane O’Reilly, PhD

What happens when an employee feels excluded from the social circle at work? While it is perhaps easy to recognize that being harassed or belittled is a psychologically painful experience, we often assume that ‘simply’ being left out is comparatively innocuous. In some cases, the negative impact of social exclusion is even worse than the […]


Backstage Pass: Elizabeth Williams

Are your employees tweeting their meetings? Are they clogging up the WiFi with videos, photos, chats and polls? Are your millennials spending more face time with FaceTime than with their teams? Good. They’re probably more productive, more collaborative and more agile than any other group of workers in history. Social media via mobile technology is […]


Backstage Pass: Darren Harris

Absence and disability costs are skyrocketing and mental health concerns are rapidly emerging from the shadows. How should employers and organizations utilize this opportunity to challenge service providers to provide data and analysis, services and interventions in a collaborative way that engages all stakeholders in the employee and organizational health equation? Darren is the Vice […]


Backstage Pass: Bill Jensen

What would happen if work fully served the needs of the workforce? How would our relationship with companies change? What would happen to engagement and to our ideas about what really matters? Would our metrics for success change? These questions drove an extensive study on the future of work. This talk addresses some of the […]


Backstage Pass: Craig Dowden, PhD

Empathy is lauded as the glue that holds our society together, yet it is considered too ‘soft’ a concept for the world of business as it interferes with making ‘tough decisions’ and ultimately compromises success. Research tells a different story. This presentation will build an evidence-based business case as to why we should care more […]


Backstage Pass: Mike Kennedy

If we are talking about health in the workplace, we have to talk about how it benefits the organization. Here’s the problem — the data being collected does not always clearly show the benefits. So, what can be done? Let’s look back at how data gathering and reporting was performed in the past, see where […]


Backstage Pass: Brady Wilson

The more leaders try to manage their employees’ engagement the more disengaged, exhausted and cynical people become. Why is this? Our research reveals that organizations have failed to integrate one critical element into their engagement strategies: the human brain. It is the control centre of how we think, feel, behave and perceive the world around […]