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With most summer vacations a mere fond memory, everyone is settling back into routine for the coming fall. Why not shake things up in your workplace by getting a team together for a local recreational sports league—or partner with other community businesses to form an industrial league. Sports pay off in team building, camaraderie and stress relief. Here’s your small changes road map.


Before setting things in motion, get some intel from around the office.

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1) Name your game: Survey your coworkers about what team sports they’re interested in. It could be indoor soccer, volleyball, hockey.

2) Find the time: Find out how much time people have available—are people interested in a weekend activity or one or two evenings a week?

3) Cover the costs: Are corporate funds available to help pay any expenses? How much are people willing to pay for themselves?


With your questions answered, get things in place. People will participate if you make it easy for them.

4) Logistics: Check out local league play and how to register, or arrange for the space you need (court-time, ice-time)

5) Gear up: If you’ve picked an equipment-dependent sport, why not partner with your local sports shop to get a deal on equipping the team?

6) Spread the Word: Get the word out to everyone in your organization that things are going “live.”


You’ve got a plan, go for it!

7) Get out there! Keep enthusiasm high from day one. Post notices around the office to remind people when it’s game night. Post fun comments after each game to inspire others.

8) Have workplace celebrations that reward team participation.


Think of some fun ways to bring league fun back to the office to continue the teambuilding benefits along with the fitness payoffs.

9) Have an office pool on the outcome of upcoming games.

10) Reward the top scorer, most improved, or most enthusiastic player with free lunch in the office cafeteria.

11) Organize a road trip to see a professional game for the sport of your choice.

Just the stats:

  • 47% of mid-to-large sized companies in Canada have team sports like softball, soccer or hockey.
  • Only 20-30% of smaller companies (with 20-49 employees) provide opportunities to participate in team sports.

Source: Canadian Fitness and Lifestyle Research Institute

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