The Way We Worked: Child Labourers Given a Voice by Early Royal Commission

When I was 16, I worked at Dairy Queen and wore a brown polyester uniform. The euphoria I felt when I finished a shift was tempered by my malodorous smell, a curious admixture of garbage and vanilla ice cream. Customers were often impatient and obnoxious. I lasted about three months – about three months more […]

Fear of Diversity

For the past several weeks, I have been teaching leadership in the MBA in Science and Technology program at Queen’s University, a highly-rated intensive one-year MBA that draws high-tech students from around the globe. It’s hard to imagine a more diverse group gathered together in learning to be 21st-century leaders. At least 40 of the […]

The Vulnerability of Young Workers

Many employees feel they are exploited by employers. However, more experienced workers are less inclined than young workers to tolerate mistreatment by employers. They tend to act on their options, which range from raising a complaint with the boss, to quitting, to filing a complaint with the appropriate government ministry. Youth workers entering the work […]