Grand Gaspé


Gaspésiens all know about “la Madeleine”, a six-kilometre hill outside the little village of Rivière-Madeleine. And when you say, “Yes, I’ve climbed la Madeleine,” they compliment you on your physical fitness and eye you as if you are a deranged masochist. La Madeleine is the first in a series of dizzying rises and descents between […]

Take A Break

2002 Ontario Tourism.

In twenty-five years, Ontario has gone from being nowhere in the wine world to a mini-Napa North. The province now has over 70 wineries, the majority of which are in the Niagara Peninsula. Almost all offer at least a tasting room that includes reserve wine available for sale only at the cellar door. There’s much […]

Quarantined From A Paycheque

Woman in protective gear.

The SARS Emergency Takes Its Toll On Businesses and Workers Now that the World Health Organization has lifted its travel ban on Toronto, the city, and indeed the entire country, is slowly awakening to a new perspective on SARS. Certainly no one is denying that approximately two dozen Torontonians died of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome. […]

How Not To Sweat a Job Interview- Be Prepared!

Woman being interviewed.

Most candidates view the prospect of a job interview with some trepidation but in reality an interview is a discussion between you and the recruiters. A position is vacant, and you are coming together to see whether you are the best person to fill it. Seeing the interview from this perspective relieves some of the […]

Reward or Punish?

Man blowing his nose.

A Grown-Up Approach to Taking Sick Days Workplace psychologist Kenneth N. Siegel says the hypercompetitive North American work environment is creating a “culture of germs” in which genuinely sick employees are going to work when they should be staying at home. He also says that the traditional concept of sick days is demotivating for good […]