Quick and Easy Workplace Breaks

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We’ve all heard the stories with jealous ears: thoughtful corporations in Japan that offer nap rooms for their employees; friends whose companies offer onsite massage or daily yoga classes; or even friends who simply work in offices with windows that actually open. Whether you’re among the lucky few whose offices boast easy chairs and shiatsu […]

Temporary Avoidance: Reflect Before Acting

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One of my New Year’s resolutions this year was to do more writing that’s actually useful to busy leaders in today’s turbulent world. This resolution fits with my ongoing transition from formal university teaching toward coaching people struggling with real-world demands. In fact, the intentional focus of my life and work is “compassionate support to […]

Rejoice for Freedom of Choice

Taking decisions for the future

CBC called recently. They wanted my reaction to the news that Ontario intends to end the practice of mandatory retirement. My response in a nutshell: What a great day to rejoice! It is practically a no-brainer that it should be the decision of individual workers to remain on the job after age 65. I say […]

How to be a Good Boss

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What makes a “good” boss? Now there’s a question guaranteed to provoke a spirited response from every working stiff. A question of such complexity requires a definition for the word “boss”. One simple definition is that a boss is someone who is responsible for the work of others. So, then, a boss ranges from a […]