Daily Archives: November 24, 2003

Medical pills, inscription vitamin D and shape of sun at beach

Wellness: The Vitamin D-Fence

If you've seen the many recent headlines claiming that "sunlight may prevent cancer," you probably wonder if the world isn't going crazy....
Young beautiful women in a studio, laughing.

Goofy Props Essential for Diversionary Humour

Laughter Always Trumps Stressful Situations at Work Your six-year-old chooses this morning to decide he isn't going to school....
Financial Advisory, Corporate Tax Planning or Optimization

The Income Tax: A Noble Beginning

No reasonable citizen will argue against the notion that it is a civic obligation to provide financial support for the services provided...
Happy Young Man Starting Career in Business

How To Quit Your Job

"I quit!" Those two little words changed Henry's life. During the 17 years he worked for Company X, Henry...
Three red autumn leaves

When co-workers are late, they’re always, always late

2003 An issue that exists in most workplaces but is seldom at the forefront of discussion is that of...
Briard dog in autumn park

It’s Time to ‘But-Out’ in the Workplace

Letting Go of a Very Bad Habit: the Instinctive Urge to Control Conversations This column isn't about smoking in...
A toast to life

What I Think – A Million-Dollar Question

I was kayaking and enjoying the beautiful autumn colours with a friend recently. I was in the moment, fully aware that I...
Laughing elegant young businesswoman explaining a project to her

Boost Your LPM Rating at Work

Everyone knows it's a good thing to use humour in presentations. And since we all agree on the importance of humour, I'm...
Delicious tiramisu dessert

Chocolate! Chocolate! Chocolate!

A few, very rare things in life have the power to transcend space and time, creed, colour and custom to become a...
Young coworkers sitting on an office floor during a break

A Career-Enhancing Move

Today's corporate environments are unique worlds, with every possible personality type interacting in the dance constituting the office social network. Within this...