Daily Archives: January 1, 2004

A snowy forest viewed from above.

Warm Feelings For A Chillin’ Place

It’s 9 p.m. and I'm having serious second thoughts about my hotel. Sated and lethargic after a big dinner, I have just...
A cornucopia of pharmaceuticals.

Beware Of Patient Advocacy Groups

They Might Be Shilling for a Drug Company A newspaper article written by two doctors attacks screening for prostate...
Heavy machinery.

Miners’ Deaths Inspired Union to Push for Criminal Code Change

United Steelworkers Vowed: ‘No More Westrays’ An extraordinary lobbying effort by the United Steelworkers’ union has led to the...
Man sanding wood.

Sandpaper Parable: Are You Smooth or Abrasive?

Over the years, one of my favourite sources of inspiration has been a little book by James Taylor called Everyday Parables: Learnings...
Two office workers are analyzing graph data,Office worker has a

Change: A Survival Guide for Workers

How do you handle change at work? Do you resist it? Dread it? Do your best to cope with it? There is a school...