Land of 5,000 Lakes

Meditating at the lake.

Those who know and love the Land O’ Lakes region like to think of it as a well-kept secret.

Worksmart Quiz: Management 101

Repairman showing okay thumbs up approval.

Think about your manager for a second. How did s/he get her/his job? Did s/he rise through the ranks of the company? S/he did, didn’t s/he? Most managers don’t have any formal management training.

Cut The Puppet Strings

Distressed female at a counsellor's office.

“I seldom feel on top of things when I leave the office, so I bring some work home with me. Usually I feel too exhausted to do it. After a few hours I start feeling guilty that I haven’t done anything I’ve ruined another night.

Cruise For 2 Contest Winner Essay 2


Why the people in my workplace are so interesting are because of the diversity of the employees. I work in an organization that is very large. There are many employees across the region

Cruise For 2 Contest Winner Essay 1


What kind of question is that? Haven’t you heard of True Colours? We all work in harmony and take our organizations to peaks of efficiency and creativity because we’re all different colours. Gold is Tradition, Blue is Drama, Green is Vision, and Orange is Risk.