Home From the Office

Woman working on a laptop at home.

Establishing a new work/life balance For Vancouverite Penny Tuson, her one-year of maternity leave flew by too quickly; just as she was hitting her stride as a mother, she was hitting the streets with her resume. “Seconds after leaving my first interview I burst into tears. The job sounded great, but I just didn’t want […]

Nodding off at… Work?

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Follow these tips for great sleep hygiene Do you feel sleepy during the day? Do you feel slow and unproductive, or have trouble focusing on your work? Do you feel this way despite getting eight hours of sleep? If so, you may need to improve your sleep hygiene. No, we’re not talking about how often […]

Technology Holding the Hands of Today’s Business Travellers

GPS system on the dashboard of a car.

Global Positioning Systems (GPSs) easing business travel Imagine the reduction in your stress level by knowing that you will not get lost when attending a business meeting across the globe. Now there are a variety of electronic devices to assist business travellers who are making their way around unfamiliar cities and hoping to arrive on […]

Brain Food: Expand Your Mind

Unhealthy vs healthy food

Edward de Bono, the leading authority in the world in the field of creative thinking, wrote The Mechanism of Mind in 1969. Dr. de Bono was the first to base his development of thinking tools on the way the brain handles information and so today, more than 25 years later, the basic principles outlined in […]