11 of 12 Canadians are Satisfied With Their Jobs

Two happy colleagues.

When a Statistics Canada report is released stating “The vast majority of Canadian workers were satisfied with their jobs in 2002,” readers would expect to hear a good news story. The report, however, was titled “Unhappy on the job” and focused on the relatively high proportions of men and women who worked in sales or […]

Winners of Prestigious Canada Awards For Excellence

Award Winners of Canada Awards For Excellence

Award-winning organizations enjoy expanded market share, increased efficiency, enhanced competitiveness, and talent retention across key business lines In October Your Workplace magazine attended the National Quality Institute’s Gala award presentation and dinner in Toronto. More than 600 people from organizations across Canada caused the walls to quiver with excitement that permeated the room. Front-line workers […]

Lessons on How to Motivate Your Employees

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Keeping “ideas people” inspired may require ingenuity on the part of their supervisors, a new survey suggests. When asked to name their biggest management challenge, nearly one-third (30%) of executives polled cited motivating employees. Finding qualified staff came in a close second, with 28% of the response. The survey was developed by The Creative Group, […]

What Does Cyberspace Reveal About You?

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“While sharing information online can have a potentially negative impact on your job search or career plans, it can also be leveraged as a tool to differentiate yourself to employers,” said Rosemary Haefner, Vice President of Human Resources at Career Builder.com. “Highlighting professional and personal accomplishments and showcasing your creativity can help a candidate make […]

Work Flexibility Continues to Challenge Employers

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Exploring Ways to Retain Valued Employees In the past, companies large and small have responded to employee demands for increased work flexibility with reduced schedules, telecommuting, job sharing, and other programs. Today, work-life balance is still cited as a major workplace concern. “With a mounting labour shortage and increasing pressure to retain key employees, employers […]

Canada’s Pension Crisis Deepens

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Sixty-one per cent of Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) say the pension crisis in Canada is widespread and likely to persist beyond the next few years, a dramatic increase compared to just two years ago, according to survey findings released recently by The Conference Board of Canada and Watson Wyatt Worldwide. The preliminary findings of the […]