Daily Archives: December 23, 2006

Two happy colleagues.

11 of 12 Canadians are Satisfied With Their Jobs

When a Statistics Canada report is released stating “The vast majority of Canadian workers were satisfied with their jobs in 2002,”...
Award Winners of Canada Awards For Excellence

Winners of Prestigious Canada Awards For Excellence

Award-winning organizations enjoy expanded market share, increased efficiency, enhanced competitiveness, and talent retention across key business lines In October...
Smiling woman working.

Lessons on How to Motivate Your Employees

Keeping “ideas people” inspired may require ingenuity on the part of their supervisors, a new survey suggests. When asked to name their...
Woman on her laptop late at night.

What Does Cyberspace Reveal About You?

"While sharing information online can have a potentially negative impact on your job search or career plans, it can also be leveraged...
Woman working from home.

Work Flexibility Continues to Challenge Employers

Exploring Ways to Retain Valued Employees In the past, companies large and small have responded to employee demands for...
Older man smiling in a park.

Canada’s Pension Crisis Deepens

Sixty-one per cent of Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) say the pension crisis in Canada is widespread and likely to persist beyond the...