Daily Archives: April 21, 2007

Man smiling at a laptop while multitasking.

Is Multitasking Counterproductive?

Pay attention. At least for a few minutes, forget the other applications on your computer. Ignore the emails that ceaselessly stream in...
Illustration of an orange person standing out from the green crowd.

Give a Little, Gain a Lot!

Volunteerism as a Corporate Advantage Two thirds of Canada's 6.5 million volunteers are part of the paid workforce.
Map of Eastern continents with gamepieces on several of them.

34 Companies Win First Worldwide Award for Democracy in the Workplace

Thirty-four companies are the first winners in a “Worldwide Award for the Most Democratic Workplaces” sponsored by WorldBlu, Inc., a Washington, DC-based...
Young smiling boy being hugged by his mother.

Majority of Executives Would Recommend Their Professions to Their Children

Nearly two-thirds (64%) of executives said that better career opportunities are available to today’s young professionals compared to when they began their...