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Balance of energy

Work/Life Balance Good for Business

Contrary to conventional wisdom, encouraging employees to find time for their families and life outside of the office is good for business. According to...
Young students collaborating on project in library

Beware of Pseudo-Collaborators

Pseudo-collaboration often happens when powerful individuals and/or powerful groups initiate a change process designed to produce key outcomes that they define as...
Temperature gauge, celsius scale, old, dial, blur industrial background

Go Easy

Jul 29, 2008 2:29 pm The temperature was hot in the office and the air-conditioning was on. I wish it was the weather that was...
Web design software

Software Program Helps Employees Retain Edge

In an era of contracting corporate benefits, a new employee wellness program is encouraging workers to take a break–on the job–for a...
Businesspeople paying attention in conference on coworking place

Smart Shirts Measure Workers’ Attention Spans

A University of Waterloo (UW) research team will use “smart shirts” to study the attention spans of people doing everyday tasks and suggest ways...
Cottages on an island in Norwegian fjord

Increase Productivity by Working from the Cottage

For many, the summer season means escaping the hustle and bustle of the city and heading north to cottage country for some...
Woman Working Busy Office Concept

Summer Job Search Tips

One of the most common mistakes job seekers make is taking the summer off. Why should you keep plugging away while everyone else is...
Stop Supporting Actions that Diminish Productivity

Managing Staff for Productivity

Most people intuitively and instinctively want to be productive. It makes sense. By being productive, they will get more from their work, and so...