Instructions on Instructions

Joe Manager picks up the phone and barks out to his junior assistant, “Johnson, I want you to go out and find a good deal on a computer.” Eagerly, the young associate does some quick technical research, asks for advice from several associates, runs out and tests some systems, and writes a five-page proposal on what he thinks is the best purchase. A week later, Johnson proudly announces his findings to his boss but instead of the expected slap on the back or nod of approval, he gets a reprimand! You see, Joe Manager wanted a low-end laptop with no frills for half the price. And he wanted it last Friday.

Though Johnson had the right attitude, the right desire, and the right determination, he didn’t have one key element—the right instructions. And in this fast and furious information age, not having the right instructions is like not having a map on your vacation—you may reach your destination but the experience will be far from enjoyable.

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