YW Interview: Hon. Monte Solberg

Hon. Monte Solberg

Canada’s Labour Minister addresses the labour crisis The Hon. Monte Solberg, Minister of Human Resources and Social Development Canada, spoke recently at the Queen’s University Master’s of Industrial Relations Alumni Conference 2008 in Kingston, Ont. Your Workplace was on site to capture his action plan for addressing Canada’s workforce needs. At the turn of the […]

Managing Upwards

A woman looking upwards at the camera.

Two statements most often made to trainers, speakers, and coaches are: “My boss would not allow me to implement what you are saying” or “that is not the way we do things in our organization.” It is very frustrating. Many managers send their people on learning and development activities and do not know what the […]

10 Hardest Jobs to Fill

Employers worldwide struggling to find qualified job candidates Manpower Inc. recently released the results of its third annual talent shortage survey, revealing that 31% of employers across the globe are finding it more difficult to fill jobs. The top three candidates most in-demand are: skilled manual trades, sales representatives and technicians (which are technical workers […]