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Managing the 5 Generations

Managing the Tough Stuff

When a medical or family crisis happens in our workplace, many people turn the other way and the office is expected to carry on...
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Seven Keys to Becoming A Valued Colleague

Readers of my column over the years will know that too much of my consulting work involves responding to toxic workplace conflict...
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Support Each Other

I was driving behind a vehicle bearing the “Support Our Troops” message when I began to wonder why we support military...

Quixtar Canada Gives its Employees an Edge

In any business venture, you’re always looking for an edge. And what better advantage can you have than a healthy and happy workforce? Quixtar Canada...
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Majority of Executives Believe They Can Outperform Their Boss

Nearly three-quarters (73%) of executives believe they can perform their boss’s job better than their current manager, according to the latest...
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Employees Can Be Productive When Not At Work

According to a survey of more than 1,100 managers, business leaders and managers are becoming more comfortable with their staff working...

Working from Home… Is it for You?

According to Statistics Canada’s most recent census (2001), about 8% of Canadians report working at home. This breaks down to 7% in...
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Meeting the Challenge of Change

Ten years ago as a leadership professor at the Queen’s School of Business and a busy consultant on “organizational effectiveness”, I was happy to...
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Living Paycheque to Paycheque

A total of 67% of American employees are living paycheque to paycheque, according to results released recently from the 2007 “Getting Paid In America”...
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Leadership—The Tests of a Prince

Children born into a family business often seem to have it easy, their future pre-determined. But in fact, like any leader, they will be...