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Paying a with a bills

Asking Employees to Pay for Festivities

Most employees asked by coworkers to chip in for office festivities, survey shows There’s no such thing as a free lunch… and birthday cake may...
Yulong and Jinbao rivers and karst mountains

Recipe for a Great Staff Retreat

Create shared space for meaningful conversations between respectful colleagues who want to work on issues vital to their organization’s core values and mission. June, September...
Gossiping coworkers

Workplace Gossip

Rumour has it that it’s… If you’ve ever tuned in to the hit show “The Office,” whether it’s the BBC version that’s written and directed...
Care Health Elastic Bandage Accident Concept

Combatting Employer Health Care Cost

Employers adding programs to combat rising health care costs Multinational companies have developed a health and productivity strategy in the United States, but they have...
Two businesswomen working late in an office talking

Presenteeism: Present in Body, Not Mind

Successful businesses will need to find innovative solutions to prevent absenteeism and lack of employee engagement *The term "presenteeism" was coined by Professor Cary Cooper,...
Business People Success Collaboration Teamwork Union Concept

On the Picket Line

“One of the most contentious instruments available to trade unions is the right to strike. This is the legal withdrawal of labour, the equivalent...
Education of managers

Disaster Management

Leadership Specialist Speaks on Disaster Management NASA leader demonstrates why developing a contingency plan for “worst-case scenario” is important for all organizations. Perhaps no one knows...
Which way to go road sign

Why We Can’t Say No

Learning to Live with CSN Syndrome For almost all of my adult life, I’ve struggled with a debilitating little syndrome that probably afflicts about 20%...
Beard young man working from home

Working From Home

For Vancouverite Penny Tuson, her one-year of maternity leave flew by too quickly; just as she was hitting her stride as a mother, she...

Mental Illness Hits Actress Margo Kidder

Actress Margo Kidder “I’m really pleased that this topic is finally coming out of the closet. We have come a long way since I first...