Wisdom: Poem for the Shattered Workplace

Broken pane of glass in an old window

There are no easy answers to the chronic dilemmas of competitive corporate life. Price seems to trump our compassion and humanity at every turn. This has been a cruel and heartless winter for thousands of Canadian workers—victims of our rising dollar who face the constant pressure to remain competitive. Each week, we read of plant […]

Don’t Be Fooled by Funny Presentations

Audience listening to the presentation while businessman giving presentation in auditorium

We all know that it’s good to use humour in presentations. It makes people more open to whatever the message is, it breaks down barriers, and makes learning more fun. But what you may not have known is that humour actually changes people’s perception of the quality of a presentation. According to a paper published […]

10 Key Questions for the Interviewee

Question mark

Whether you’re entering a sales presentation, a critical meeting or a job interview, prepare yourself for success by considering and researching ten key questions that will ensure the best possible outcome for you. You’ve worked hard to get here. You’ve sent out 31 resumes, networked, attended job fairs, enrolled in school for more education—you’ve taken […]

Career and Childbirth – Part 2

Young pregnant woman browsing on laptop at home

Part II: It really is about partnership You need to be tremendously organized,” says Elaine Sigurdson, President of the Toronto chapter of the Association of Career Professionals International, referring to women who juggle both children and a career. Sigurdson is a career consultant who helps individuals manage their careers and assists organizations with recruiting, and […]

Job and Health: A Delicate Balance

Keeping balance

It’s easy to put your health on the back burner to meet a big deadline at the office. Your employer appreciates the extra commitment you have made. However, if you do not correctly re-energy and restore your health, the long-term health consequences are poor for you and your employer. You’ve probably heard it—and ignored it—many […]

Slips and Falls

Maid Slipped On Wet Floor And Laying Down

It was Halloween morning 2001. Staff at a Toronto newspaper, where Sharon Aschaiek worked as a special sections editor, were in early to decorate for the occasion. Aschaiek wanted to put a sign above the doorway of her manager’s office, but it was just a bit too high for her to reach. She went into […]

Can’t get out of bed for work? SAD may be one reason

Young man in bed the morning after night out drinking

Employee assistance providers (EAP) say the end of January begins one of the busiest times of the year. It’s also the time when more people find themselves in real crisis than any other point in the year. “It’s an accumulation of things,” says Estelle Morrison, director of strategic solutions for Ceridian Lifeworks, the EAP branch […]

Bridging the Talent Gap

Broken bridge

As we move further into a new century and as our economy becomes increasingly globalized, Canada’s major companies are struggling to find all the good people they need. In Canada we face a double challenge because of two factors: the baby boom retirement and reduced birth rates. Our birth rate has been falling as long […]

Wisdom: Is Your Workplace Healthy?

Financial success and green business

The Essential Values for a Truly Healthy Organization In the March and April/June 2004 issues of Your Workplace, I wrote about a model for healthy organizations based on the world’s great spiritual traditions. Faithful readers will remember that my columns were based on research by two business school professors who made a survey of the […]

I Beg You to Stay

Handsome Businessman Enjoying Hotel Stay

Survey Shows Counteroffers Likely for Valued Employees A new survey shows many businesses are apt to turn on the charm—and pull open the purse strings—when good employees threaten to leave for another job. A total of 63% of advertising and marketing executives polled said they would likely extend a counteroffer if a prized staff member […]