Daily Archives: August 13, 2008

Sale in Clothing Store

Ten Tips for Sales Leadership Success

These ten tips are not just applicable to sales positions.Effective people managers will realize the true statements listed with each tip. Treat all of...
Learning new technologies

In Pursuit of Lifelong Learning

Some of us hope that when we finish our formal education we never have to “learn” anything ever again. It comes as quite a...
Signing contract

Contract Employment: Is it for You?

The biggest benefit to contract employment is that it brings out the entrepreneurial spirit. Each...
Coworkers exchanging presents

Wisdom: Dear Office Santa

This is your busy season, so I’ll try to be brief with these seasonal wishes for the workplaces you will be visiting this month. It’s...
Elegant People Toasting at Party

Do’s and Don’t’s of Workplace Parties

If you are attending your workplace  party this year: Don’t Drink and Drive. If you are planning the workplace party: Don’t Let Them. Not...
Optimistic colleagues enjoying work

Optimists Fare Better in Life

According to a study done by researchers at Yale and Miami Universities, people over 50 who viewed aging as a positive experience lived an...
Man being fired from his job

Horrors of Bad Firings

Terminations are messy, public and humiliating, and they're fodder for hungry plaintiffs’ lawyers. Lawyers representing terminated employees love an ugly firing the way personal-injury lawyers...
Time For Action Change Concept

Changing Careers Without Changing Yourself

So you’re a lawyer, and you’ve decided that litigation isn’t how you want to spend the next twenty years of your life, and that...

Attaining Life Balance

We talk about balance, but what does it truly mean? And how do we find it? Life Balance is not a 50/50 split between work...
Business leadership concept

Listen Deeply to the Grumbling

I’ve been reading a great book about leadership recommended by a friend who shares my interest in healthy organizations, although unfortunately she has had...