How to Be Prepared for an Interview

Interview with applicant

Most candidates view the prospect of a job interview with some trepidation but in reality an interview is a discussion between you and the recruiters. A position is vacant, and you are coming together to see whether you are the best person to fill it. Seeing the interview from this perspective relieves some of the […]

What I Think: Freedom of Choice

Freedom Of Speech Concept Showing Group Of Young People With Mouths Covered With Tape

CBC called recently. They wanted my reaction to the news that Ontario intends to end the practice of mandatory retirement. My response in a nutshell:

Colour Therapy

Sweetmeat multi coloured against a white background

Probing the Psychic and Curative Effects of An Integral Part of Our Existence Can you imagine how boring it would be if we were to live in a world completely devoid of colour? What would life be like if our only companions were the lacklustre shades of black, white and grey? It is inconceivable to […]

Looking Good at Work

Two good-looking men with coffee

Have Dress-down Days Gone Too Far? “Through tatter’d clothes small vices do appear; Robes and furr’d gowns hide all.” ~ Shakespeare, King Lear A current hot topic in the workaday world is whether the dress-down-day phenomenon that is so well-entrenched in workplaces across North America has gotten out of hand. A casual-attire exemption that was […]

Negativity Won’t Find You Work

Collage of negative emotions

Let me start by saying that I have been where you are now. Not long ago, I was unemployed, having been down-sized from my job. At first, I was a veritable poster child for Job Search. My resume was tweaked, my cover letters personalized, my contact list expanded. Things were looking good. But then, before […]

Globalization: Grave New World?

Students texting on their smartphones, leaning on wall

Aug 14, 2008 3:10 pm Something’s Happening: Do You Know What It Is? (A warning to the reader: The article might disturb and distress you. In that event, you are well advised to take an extra dose of soma tonight—or maybe go shopping. Either will spare you the lingering effects of thinking too much about […]

Wisdom: Best Workplace Movie

Movie streaming app

And the Nominees Are… Over the years in teaching organizational behaviour and leadership in different university programs, I used movies as teaching tools and the basis for complex group assignments. In fact, some of the best work ever produced by my students featured movie reviews that illustrated organizational life and leadership. Generally, the groups were […]

Buyers Guide to Bottled Water

Water bottling line for processing and bottling pure mineral water into small bottles

The claim that bottled water is “pure” may not mean what you think. It’s usually safe to drink, but not necessarily safer than tap or well water. Bottled water is only “pure water” in that it has no food additives. Those clear beverages with a hint of flavouring and sweetener are not considered bottled water […]

Future of Work Essay

Woman Working on Laptop Typing Essay Information

There’s been much talk of how Information Technology is transforming the way we work. The significance of the IT revolution is said by some to match that of the Industrial Revolution. But while the IT-driven pace of work life is undeniably faster, this new revolution hasn’t really changed much else about the way we work. […]

The Dollars and Sense of Workplace Accommodation

Window lights in multistorey house at night, Kuala Lumpur

It would have been anyone’s guess that a little Danish invention known as the Malling Hansen Writing Ball would have made such an impact on the world when it was introduced back in 1870. That invention became better known as the typewriter and was originally conceived as an instrument that allowed blind people to write. […]