Bosses Must Perform Better Reference Checks

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In the wake of the corporate scandals of the past few years, there has been a renewed emphasis on corporate ethics, resulting in more transparent accounting practices and more accountable boards of directors. The focus has been on re-examining processes and ensuring that checks and balances are in place. Not much is being said about […]

Wellness Programs Improve Employee Behaviour

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According to the Wellness Council of America, wellness programs have to become much more sophisticated to actually change employee behaviour. More importantly, the council’s research indicates that wellness programs that get lasting results are those that are created for the right reasons and in the right manner. Kindness is a simple concept — sometimes at […]

Trends in Employee Benefits

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Cost–Containment Big Issues for Employers Indirect pay in the form of various kinds of benefits that employers provide for Canadian workers are undergoing significant changes as companies strive to control total compensation costs. Among the emerging trends affecting employee benefits:

FAQ’s about a Scent Free Workplace

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Can scents cause health problems? The issue regarding the health effects of perfumes and other scented products in workplaces, hospitals, schools and other places is controversial. There are conflicting reports of the effects that they may or may not cause in certain individuals. More research is needed and some is being undertaken. When scented products […]

The New Face of Corporate Art

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A sculptural installation to commemorate organizational change? Say what? It’s true: Sun Life Financial commissioned a piece of corporate art to mark its merger with Clarica Life Insurance. However, to its credit, Sun Life commissioned artist Carol Bradley and philosopher Tilman Lichter of The Pleiades Project to oversee the creation and installation of a truly […]

Are Men & Women Different Leaders?

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Few topics generate as much interest or controversy as the nature of differences between women and men. Psychologists and other experts now believe that women and men are wired to think differently. There are fundamental differences in thought, emotion and how we individually perform tasks. The question is — What does this mean at work? […]

Professionals Cite Importance of ‘Soft’ Skills

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A survey of 500 Canadian human resources professionals on the Future of Work suggests that, in 10 years, the most employable people will be those who have graduated university, are capable of understanding big-picture business issues and are committed to continuous learning. The survey by DBM and The Globe and Mail, conducted this year and […]

Wisdom: Sandpaper Parable

Sandpaper Vine

Are You Smooth or Abrasive? Over the years, one of my favourite sources of inspiration has been a little book by James Taylor called Everyday Parables: Learnings From Life (Wood Lake Books, 1995). Just in case you wondered, he is no relation to the singer James Taylor, although both of them have a wonderful way […]

What I Think: Making Change, One Goal at a Time

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I am of two minds when it comes to making personal changes in life: Don’t do it because it’s too painful; do it because change will ultimately benefit you. Mmmm. Sounds like fence-sitting to me.