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The Fuzzy Tax Form

Why can’t we decide how some of our tax dollars are spent?

A quiz for Canadians at tax-filing time: The blatantly political, profligate–and occasionally criminal–waste of tax dollars by the federal government leaves me: a) Resentful but resigned to the fact that it is an entrenched feature of the Canadian political tradition, b) Enraged enough to join the “detax” movement, c) Wondering why taxpayers don’t get some say in where tax dollars are spent.

If you answered “a”, then you are a realist taxpayer who grudgingly accepts that a traditional perquisite of political power in Canada is the right to collect taxes and squander a lot of the booty on your friends and benefactors; if “b”, you are playing a reckless game and, in all likelihood, will be crushed sometime soon by Canada Customs and Revenue Agency; if “c”, you are thinking way outside of the traditional taxpayer box by asking a question of child-like simplicity that political elites would prefer to ignore.

Make. Work. Better.

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Sheldon MacNeil