Want to Improve Employee Engagement?

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The performance management process should evaluate and focus on employee engagement in addition to job performance, according to a paper published from the University of Toronto and University of Guelph. Engagement involves high levels of identification with one’s work in terms of attention, absorption and feeling integrated in the performance of one’s tasks and roles.

Working Smart

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Five tips for saving an hour a day The never-ending corporate mantra of the 21st Century has been to “do more with less.” Workers are feeling the pressure of gut-wrenching change and global competition. “The constant drumming of ‘more, more, more’ has begun to affect the quality of people’s work and the quality of their […]

Lawmakers Consider Legislation to Reduce Obesity

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Special task force to discuss employer role in weight management As waistlines expand, there’s little surprise that this public health issue poses a challenge to American employers. In some states, particularly California and New York, government regulators are stepping in to urge businesses to take action. A special meeting of the California Legislative Task Force […]

Canadians Need Less Pay than Americans to Feel Rich

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The feel-rich tipping point for Canadians: $296,000 Americans say they would need to earn an average salary of $440,000 per year to feel rich, while higher-taxed Canadians feel they could live it up for two-thirds that amount ($296,000), according to the fifth annual ADP Canada Employer Services (ADP) Payday Poll. The poll also revealed that […]

Build a Culture of Accountability

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Increased accountability increases organizational productivity Holding people accountable for results is the foundation of an organization’s performance; it’s management 101. Yet it appears there is a gap between knowing and doing. A new study conducted by OnPoint Consulting surveyed 400 leaders and found that 40% report that employees in their organizations are not being held […]

Do Astrology and Birth Order Affect Careers and Compensation?

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Are middle children more likely to program computers or fight fires? Do Scorpios or Capricorns belong to a higher earning bracket? A new survey from CareerBuilder.com looks at profession, compensation and job satisfaction in relation to birth order and astrology sign. The survey of more than 8,700 workers was conducted nationwide across industries. Birth Order […]

When It Comes To Breaks, One Size Does Not Fit All

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Can we agree on one point right off the top? That working until we keel over from exhaustion is neither heroic nor sustainable? In fact, recurring cycles of crash and burn simply leave us sick and tired. It’s not good for us individually; nor does it create vital, engaging, productive workplaces. In today’s workplace, breaks […]

10 Ways to Welcome Workers with Disabilities

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Toward an inclusive work environment Some people are born with disabilities; others encounter them later in life. In Canada, the employment rate for workers with disabilities has grown from 49.3% in 2001 to 53.5% in 2006. According to Statistics Canada, for the 16.6% of the Canadian population with disabilities, those with the most severe issues […]

Office Ergonomics

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Key to health and safety in the workplace To hire and retain the best workers in today’s hot job market, employers need to be aware of their employees’ work environment. The need for workplace health awareness has grown, partly because of the increased number of employees experiencing repetitive strain injuries. Rising health-care costs have prompted […]