When It Comes To Breaks, One Size Does Not Fit All

Can we agree on one point right off the top? That working until we keel over from exhaustion is neither heroic nor sustainable? In fact, recurring cycles of crash and burn simply leave us sick and tired. It’s not good for us individually; nor does it create vital, engaging, productive workplaces. In today’s workplace, breaks for renewal seem to be harder to come by than ever. Workloads are expanding. At the same time, the pool of available skilled hands is shrinking. With demands high, peer pressure to keep moving and keep producing is strong. Technology advances are helpful, but they create problems of their own. The good news about today’s portable technology is that we can be connected anywhere, anytime. The bad news is that we can be reached anywhere, anytime. So much for taking a break!

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head shot of Patricia Katz
Patricia Katz, MCE CHRP
Patricia Katz, MCE CHRP, is a Canadian speaker and author who helps the overloaded and overwhelmed to get things done and have a life, too. www.pauseworks.com and www.patkatz.com.