YW Interview: Adria Vasil

Adria Vasil

Becoming an Ecoholic Interview with Adria Vasil: Author of Ecoholic — a book about making the planet a greener place. YW: What is an ecoholic? Vasil: We define ecoholic as being addicted to the planet—but really, it’s anyone on this earth. We need air to breathe and grow crops; so technically, we’re in a relationship […]

Workplace Design for Health: Part 2

A view looking skyward of some tall trees.

Toward an ergonomic and organic office environment Part 2: This is the second of a three-part series on the relationship between workplace design and health. A complete understanding of healthy workplace ranges from the physical implication of ergonomics through to cultural Implications of workplace design. These ideas are explored with an emphasis on office space, […]

Cost Management

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Employers alter plans for 2009 salary expenditures In a new update to Mercer’s 2009 Compensation Planning Survey, approximately 50% of the 175 survey participants report they plan to reduce salary increases for 2009. Responding to economic trends, employers report they will modify planned increases by 0.75% to approximately 3% from the national average 3.8% increase […]