Build A More Effective Team!

Group waving at the camera.

Embrace Diversity In Work Style So, how would you like to join me on a mini tour through the office and meet the team? I know you’re busy; but it’ll only take a few minutes, and you might find it interesting. Here, I brought you a fresh cup of java. We’ll sip and stroll and […]

Realizing Potential in the Workplace

Young businessman with skateboard walking in rush

In recent months, there has been a great deal of buzz regarding the Law of Attraction. While promoted as a new and novel concept, or a long-hidden secret, the truth is the Law of Attraction, like the law of gravity, has always been in existence. Does this law, however, which simply states that “like attracts […]

Don’t Wait For Someone Else To Notice – Do it Yourself!

Group of young businesspeople with laptop working together in a modern office.

Have you done anything worthy of recognition this week? (Of course you have!) Did anybody notice? (Maybe yes—maybe no. It might have gone either way!) The real question worth answering is whether or not you noticed. How much attention did you pay to your own contributions, accomplishments, innovations and progress? Our daily busy-ness drives us […]