A Recruiter’s Goldmine

Smiling recruiters talking to applicant

“How did you find work on Twitter?” I was asked recently at a networking seminar. “Easy,” I replied, truthfully, “by reading between the tweets.” Web 2.0 has now reached a stage of early maturity, so much so that to continue to refer to it as Web 2.0 is rather “last year”. It’s now just part […]

YW INTERVIEW: Peter Jensen

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Developmental Bias: Helping people excel Peter Jensen, founder of Performance Coaching Inc. and instructor at Queen’s School of Business in Kingston, Ontario met with Your Workplace to discuss his new book, Igniting the Third Factor. Jensen has worked with Fortune 500 companies in eight countries, teaching top executives to become leaders who inspire others to […]

Make Work for Yourself

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Project work may get you hired Professionals trying to land a job may want to pursue project work. According to specialized staffing service, Robert Half International, companies that are unable to add full-time employees during periods of economic uncertainty often bring in professionals on a temporary basis, which can translate into opportunities for those who […]

Brave Cool World

Brainstorming and teamwork concept

Cool new ideas for your workplace Doodle for your NoodleThe worker who doodles during your presentations may remember more than you think. According to an article published in the journal Applied Cognitive Psychology, doodling while listening has been shown to improve memory. In a study conducted by the Medical Research Council’s Cognition and Brain Sciences […]

Engaging Employees Tops Leadership Priorities

Employees working in team at table

Engaging employees to ensure organizational alignment and commitment is the most important leadership practice in tough times, according to more than half of senior leaders and human resource professionals surveyed. According to an online poll of 650 senior leaders and HR professionals in North America, conducted in January and February 2009 by Right Management, the […]

Positive Culture Breeds Success

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I was saddened when I heard that a landmark store in downtown Kingston, Ontario was closing. S&R Department Store employs 80 people, is located close to Lake Ontario in a four-storey building built in 1820 with 60,000 square feet of space, and has been in the retail business since 1959. S&R is also located right […]

Head Above Water: Keeping Workers Safe and Alert

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Getting the big picture on productivity loss has been the goal of a number of studies conducted in the past decade within Canada and throughout North America. Employers, wellness experts, and governments are recognizing that loss of dollars, paying for an employee who isn’t at work or for the one who shows up but doesn’t […]

Losing the Holiday Weight

Chocolate Easter bunny inside a basket

Get out of your box of chocolates and into the weight-loss playground If you indulged with Valentine’s Day chocolates and are dreading Easter, don’t fret. The battle of the bulge doesn’t need to be a thorn in your side. In fact, weight loss can be fun and hassle-free. Keeping your fat-burning fire lit only requires […]

What I Think: Taking Notice

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A compliment for work well done, a note of thanks, a well-earned perk—all of these sweeten the work experience and motivate us to excel.

Lazy Brains

Psychiatrist holds container with the human brain

Pushing Past Our Comfort Zone The sign on the treadmill read, “For the consideration of our other guests, please do not use this equipment for more than 45 minutes.” I chuckled aloud as I wondered if this sign was truly necessary. How many people could this apply to? Let me be clear: the little notice taped onto the […]