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Not for Sale – Why We Need a New Job Search Mindset

Keates ponders a fundamental question in job searching: should job seekers really adopt a “sales” strategy in their quest? Does this approach make sense?...
Team of coworkers

Employer Committed to Staff

The biggest challenge in finding a new job, especially after a lay-off, is the job-search myth. Let’s face it: people are worried about searching...
Email key

Email – “The Killer App”

E-mail has become the substitute for creating and maintaining interpersonal relationships. We’ve become lazy. How many of you have sent an e-mail to someone...
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Exploring New Worlds and Opinions, in Star-Trek Fashion

Every once in a while my wife feels the need to point out that I have a few black holes in my belief system....
Media Interview. Journalists Interviewing Politician or Business

YW Interview: Dr. Peter Senge

Management guru, Dr. Peter Senge, talks about the "learning organization."
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Taking a Vacation – Yay or Nay?

Feeling vacation deprived? You're not alone. Canadians are taking fewer vacations.
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Eating Habits: Before Working Out Eat Like An Athlete

Learn how to improve your eating habits with these top three tips.
Make it real motivation

The Top Motivator at Work

Personal satisfaction tops money, respect, promotion We may all want money, respect and status but most Canadians say it’s personal satisfaction that motivates them to...
Power of cooperation concept

People Power

Talent key to staying ahead of competition Employing good talent is a company’s best line of defense against the competition, a recent survey...