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Short, Mid And Long Term.

Engaging Talent for Long-term Results

In a recent report from Keeping The People, an American consulting firm aimed at helping organizations engage and retain talent, respondents were asked if...
Downtown Las Vegas

A Las Vegas Fairytale

The magic of inclusion at Cirque du Soleil Lynda Trommelen ended up at Cirque du Soleil, a dramatic mix of circus arts and...
Young health couple exercising in park

Health is the New Wealth

Against a background of economic uncertainty, people across the globe are feeling vulnerable, not only in terms of their wealth but...
Surveillance camera

Video Surveillance can Constitute Constructive Dismissal

Defining an employee’s right to privacy is currently a hot topic in employment law. Recently, the Ontario Superior Court took a step...
Three pink fresh flowers placed separately on bright grey wall

Apology Accepted

Apology Accepted Leaders who apologize perceived as more trustworthy, influential Despite what you might think, it might actually be better to apologize for that...
Businessman signing contract

A Tale of Two Buses

Why leadership counts Once upon a time there were two entrepreneurs, Kevin and Doug. Both had just completed business school and were feeling proud of the...
Robot and human handshake. Cooperation of people and technology

Control Your Technology

Excessive dependence on technology impacts stress, productivity and the environment The age of automation has us dependent on communications devices: desktops, laptops, Blackberries, cell phones,...
Life and wellness coach

New Employee Wellness Program

Medisys Health Group, a Canadian provider of health-care and medical imaging services to corporations and individuals, has launched a comprehensive employee wellness...
Coin stacker, businessman with stacked money

Workers Cite Positive Career Impacts of Recession

Nearly three-quarters of workers surveyed say that a recession can actually have some positive impact on their career. A survey of 457 workers by Accountemps,...
Business district Shanghai

4 Creative Businesses and Why They’re Ahead

Why lean innovation works Organizations are spending less these days, but widespread cutbacks should not cause a slowdown in innovation in a company...