No More “Busyness as Usual”

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Have you noticed that when you greet friends and colleagues these days and ask them how they are, the standard response is, “I am so busy.”? I even find myself responding in this way even though the word “busy” is not part of my normal lexicon. After uttering the word busy, I usually self-correct and […]


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It seems incredible that we have to teach older children and adults the steps for taking risks. Babies and preschool children are natural risk-takers. They possess curiosity and drive, take enormous chances several times a day. In their risky pursuit of experimenting, learning and exploration through trial and error, they face a multitude of failures. […]


“Clevers”, Goffee and Jones’ new term for clever people who work in your organization, apparently require special care and handling by managers. And so the authors clearly define who is a Clever, and what managers could be doing to help Clevers stay and perform within an organization. Their definition is compelling:

Understanding Work Style Differences

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Success depends on knowing your own work style, being aware of the preference of others and accommodating and capitalizing on the differences.


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Despite the title, this is not a book about working alone. It’s about customizing your corporate HR offerings to individualizing right down to each and every employee. Why not? We can customize just about everything else in our lives…

Energy Vacuums

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“I WOULD FINISH THE VACUUMING IN 10 MINUTES AND LEAVE THE VACUUM TURNED ON, SUCKING ON MY VARIOUS BODY PARTS UNTIL THE TIME WAS UP.” Do you have energy vacuums in your life? You know, those people who suck all the lifeblood out of you. The type of people who defeat you with inertia and […]

Retention Interviews

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What can employers do to keep their key employees? One recommendation that doesn’t consume much time or money are retention interviews.