Gaining PeerSpective

Advice for couple

PeerSpectives encourages support, empowerment, advice and inspiration through cooperation KATE IS A VERY SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS woman. In 10 years, her company has grown to 75 full-time employees and she has more than $2M in annual sales. After several tumultuous start-up years, her company is in stable growth mode. Her marriage is intact and healthy, and […]

Injury and Rehabilitation

Physiotherapy clinic with equipment for rehabilitation

Worker disability costs Canadian employers between 10 and 20 billion dollars annually, according to The Physician Education Project in Workplace Health (PEPWH). Workplace injury isn’t just costly for employers; it also has a huge impact on the workers’ lives. The Research Action Alliance on the Consequences of Work Injury (RAACWI) has found that injured workers […]

Am I Losing my Mind?

Unrecognizable Woman Losing Job

He lost weight from his already lean frame; he lost his typical good nature and became irritable; he stopped spending time with his friends. Collin McLeod was a dedicated transit employee in Ontario. Married with three children, he balanced his work and home life with few, if any, problems. He started struggling when his nine-month-old […]


Overwork or Burnout

Mike drops his pen on his desk, grabs his coat and walks out of his office building. It is 10 am on Monday morning and he is in a fog. He wanders aimlessly around the streets and maneuvers his way home, leaving his car at work. Mike cannot concentrate or focus—his memory is shot and […]

Who’s in Control of My Beliefs?


“Why am I pleased when I see women as pilots, doctors and CEOs of large companies? I shouldn’t flinch. It should be common, yet I notice the difference.” It was on November 26th, 2009 when I first began to think about my beliefs relating to mental illness. I like to believe that I am progressive […]