Life-long learning continues well into retirement

Grandparents playing with grandchild.

Grandchildren can be the best teachers It’s been almost two years since I submitted what I thought was my final column to Your Workplace, gratefully sending it off to start the transition to active semi-retirement. At least I thought it would be my final column until my friend, the esteemed YW president emailed me to […]

Your Employees are a Huge Resource

Woman gathering her belongings as she gets fired.

Don’t be quick to downsize  Many employers view layoffs as an unpleasant, yet inevitable consequence of a recession, and for certain industries like manufacturing, that may well be the case. Other companies do have options. Just ask your employees. “Nobody is smarter and more observant at seeing the real nitty gritty of a company than […]

The New Wave in Training

A frustrated customer care employee.

Engaging techniques provide big results For your next customer service training session, imagine inviting your crankiest, rudest and meanest customer to help educate your staff. Impactful? Yes. New training methods being developed in Canada and the U.S. are delivering them and more. Forget the old instructor-and-classroom method of training. The new wave of techniques will […]

Open Space

Circle of hands overlaying each other.

Talking circles in the workplace Open Space Technology (OST) is a facilitation technique designed to capture the synergy and excitement that tends to be present in a good coffee or lunch break. OST, the brainchild of Harrison Owen, is designed to tap into the spirit of an organization, to engage employees in an open dialogue […]

Those DAMN Men!

Attractive man and woman about to kiss.

Man 2.0 has arrived I did it. I quit. I’ve torn up my Man Card and cancelled my membership in the Distinguished Alliance of Male Networkers or DAMN. Didn’t know such a thing existed did you? It seemed like such a good deal for a long time, but as I grew older I became aware […]

I Gave at the Office

Crowd funding a central pile of cashola.

Canadian workplaces continue to support charities Though economic conditions are showing promise, many charities are still experiencing increased demand for services while facing a tougher job getting the money they need to stay afloat. Canadian workplaces are continuing to find ways to give, which is good news for our communities, our bottom lines and our […]

8 Reasons to Stay Home When You’re Sick

A medical professional holding a glass of orange juice and an orange.

…and why your workplace will thank you. Helen Luketic knows how staying home if you’re sick benefits both employer and employee. Yet Luketic, Manager of Human Resources metrics at BC Human Resources Management Association, still finds herself struggling with it. “When it’s time for me to call in sick, I stop and say ‘I can’t […]

Literacy Levels Linked to Economic Prosperity

Attractive woman standing in a library aisle.

Employers asked to participate Canadians believe the key to a creating a strong economy is ensuring the nation’s workforce has the proper literacy skills to keep the country competitive. According to a recent Ipsos Reid study, 90% of Canadians surveyed agreed the nation’s economy would improve if working adults had better reading, writing and math […]