Daily Archives: October 11, 2010

Grandparents playing with grandchild.

Life-long learning continues well into retirement

Grandchildren can be the best teachers It’s been almost two years since I submitted what I thought was my...
Woman gathering her belongings as she gets fired.

Your Employees are a Huge Resource

Don’t be quick to downsize  Many employers view layoffs as an unpleasant, yet inevitable consequence of a recession, and...
A frustrated customer care employee.

The New Wave in Training

Engaging techniques provide big results For your next customer service training session, imagine inviting your crankiest, rudest and meanest...
Circle of hands overlaying each other.

Open Space

Talking circles in the workplace Open Space Technology (OST) is a facilitation technique designed to capture the synergy and...
Attractive man and woman about to kiss.

Those DAMN Men!

Man 2.0 has arrived I did it. I quit. I’ve torn up my Man Card and cancelled my membership...
Crowd funding a central pile of cashola.

I Gave at the Office

Canadian workplaces continue to support charities Though economic conditions are showing promise, many charities are still experiencing increased demand...
A medical professional holding a glass of orange juice and an orange.

8 Reasons to Stay Home When You’re Sick

…and why your workplace will thank you. Helen Luketic knows how staying home if you’re sick benefits both employer...
Attractive woman standing in a library aisle.

Literacy Levels Linked to Economic Prosperity

Employers asked to participate Canadians believe the key to a creating a strong economy is ensuring the nation’s workforce...