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More Teams, More Teamwork

Teamwork is a contradiction. It is a group activity that depends on the quality of its individual members. Nearly everyone has been part of a team, but many of us don’t know how to make teams work. It has been called an essential part of today’s workplace, and yet measuring and managing it is difficult. One thing is for sure: the age of teams in the workplace is just dawning. What we have seen so far is just a taste of things to come. Get ready for more teams and more teamwork starting now.

That’s exactly what a two-year Conference Board of Canada study concluded. The study, called Navigating the Storm: Leaders and the World of Work in 2020, predicted a future where “flexible work formations and management systems will create highly decentralized workforces—and decisions.” It says that instead of mass production, the future will be all about mass collaboration: “the ability to work on a team, and especially to lead it, will be one of the most important skills in any workplace.” That day is already here for Ildi Wiley, President of Results Continuum Inc., a full service training and human resources company specializing in teaching leaders and teams how to enhance individual and team productivity. Wiley says teams are the critical success factor in today’s workplace.

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