What I Think: The Turtle Or The Hare

Illustration of the turtle racing the hare. Illustration licensed by Ingram Image.

It was 10:21 am. My mind was meandering: first to planned destinations — preparing my shopping list for dinner, updating my to-do list, picking lint from my skirt

YW Interview: Jose Tolovi Neto

Jose Tolovi Neto and one of his daughters at Niagara Falls.

Jose Tolovi Neto is a Managing Partner of Great Place to Work Institute Canada. The research and management consulting company is committed to helping organizations across all sectors achieve lasting improvements in their workplace relationships, which produce measurable business benefits and better corporate performance. Neto came to Canada in 2008 to take on this managing […]

Festive Food to Share at Work

Holiday treats.

Not so many years ago I was standing in line at a potluck lunch and inadvertently said to the woman next to me, “I can’t believe someone brought store-bought snack cakes.” She plaintively responded, “Well, I didn’t have time to bake.” I quickly stuffed my mouth with something other than the only foot I was […]

Hard-Learned Lessons

A sunset with a van's side mirror in view.

A journey can take many forms. In my case, a few years ago, it was both a personal and professional one — a journey to self discovery It started about three years ago, when I was in the wrong place. Working in the wrong place, that is. Lessons can be hard-learned, and this was a […]

More Teams, More Teamwork

An office team of colleagues all meeting hands in solidarity.

The Age of Teams is Just Dawning Teamwork is a contradiction. It is a group activity that depends on the quality of its individual members. Nearly everyone has been part of a team, but many of us don’t know how to make teams work. It has been called an essential part of today’s workplace, and […]

12 Tips For Christmas

12 Tips For Christmas.

The whys and hows of attending the seasonal work party ‘Tis the season for snow, time off work, and parties, parties, parties including the work party. Many of us feel the obligation to attend the holiday workplace party, whether we like it or not. But how important is it that you make an appearance, and […]

Hold the Mayo

A yummy sandwich - sans mayo.

How to ensure your sandwich employees don’t get too thinly spread Some Canadians face extra challenges when it comes to balancing work and family responsibilities: they’re sandwiched between children and aging parents, and the extra responsibility can take its toll. Nora Spinks, President of Work-Life Harmony Enterprises, a consulting firm based in Toronto, says several […]

Conquering the Procrastination trap

A distressed woman at a laptop.

We all procrastinate. It’s natural. We choose to put things off because we simply don’t want to do them or have lost interest in whatever it is that awaits us. Procrastination is not, however, a hopeless state. There are solutions. Finding the perfect solution for you begins with an understanding of the underlying cause of […]

Shoe Police

A pair of Ugg shoes with a revolving red light on top of them.

I have appointed myself the unofficial fashion police in Canada with a television show, “What Not to Wear to Work in Winter”. The scary part is that my voice sounds suspiciously like my mother’s when I criticize what others are wearing, wondering what their mothers taught them, and worrying about their well-being, never mind their […]

Naked Singularities

Simple furniture setup.

Making complex topics simple is… complicated “It’s pretty simple,” my son Nicholas said matter-of-factly as he explained the concept of naked singularities. I don’t remember much else of the conversation, except words like “black hole” and “sucked”. And before your mind goes too deeply into the gutter, a naked singularity is a space-time phenomenon, not […]