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back to the future - 2001-2021

Back to the Future: Workplace Trends from 2001-2021

We travel time to compare the workplace trends of 2001 to 2011, and predict the future trends of 2021.
A Businessman pointing at the camera

The Power of Scripted and Unscripted Negotiations

Physically and mentally scripting yourself for large or important negotiations has a number of crucial functions and benefits.
Sign post with signs of different cities

Work Culture Around the World

Fasten your seatbelts as we take a bird’s eye view of the hours, holidays, perks, hierarchy and work culture of employees around the world.
Profile of Three Managers - The right manager can help your career thrive

The Impact of Different Manager Types

The right type of manager can help your career thrive.
How to Curb Workplace Absenteeism - How massage decreases stress and increases performance

Workplace Massage: What You Need to Know

Learn how workplace massage can decrease stress and increase performance.