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How to Curb Workplace Absenteeism - How massage decreases stress and increases performance

Workplace Massage: What You Need to Know

More and more companies are turning to workplace massage services. Although at first it seems like a major investment in time, money and space, these costs far outweighed the benefits experienced in reduced employee stress, as well as increased morale and productivity.

Although massage therapy really can feel like a luxury, the benefits go far beyond pampering or sports injury therapy. One of the major benefits is stress relief, which also happens to be a major cause of workplace absenteeism.

Our bodies are designed to react to stress by either fight or flight; in other words, we’re programmed to burn off stress with physical activity. As the stress occurs, the hormonal system kicks into action. Insulin is secreted to open up pathways to the muscular system, and cortisol, the protection hormone, is secreted. Next, the digestive system diverts blood from the intestines to your muscles and your liver diverts blood to the muscles and secretes blood sugar — all for the anticipated exertion.

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Glen Beckel, RMT

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