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Woman with clothing spread out on her bed and in her suitcase. Image licensed by Ingram Image.

What I Think: Our Stuff Is Meaningful

Knowing that our stuff grounds us, it makes sense that we should encourage employees to incorporate personal possessions in their space
Overwhelmed man in a tie.


Canadian workers are still feeling the proverbial “time crunch”, but innovative programs and thinking may provide a step toward easing this pain
Chilean miner rescue. Photo courtesy of Cementation Canada.

Over And Up

Planning key to successful rescue operations On August 5, 2010 a northern Chile mine collapsed, trapping all 33...
Woman with a shocked look on her face. Image licensed by Ingram Image.

Total Compensation Mix is More Important Than Ever

Total compensation is more important in attracting workers than retaining them. That’s the conclusion of a study of 1,000 employees working for...
A man sitting on a sofa working on a laptop.

10 Tips to Avoid Distraction While Working At Home

The home office has many advantages: the commute is great, getting laundry done and dinner on the table is much easier. However,...
Atlas shrugging.

Atlas Shrugged

Time to release the weight from your shoulders I have never read Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, even though...

Messages, Meat-eaters and Mental Models — Oh My!

Why our changing world demands rethinking common stereotypes Look at my picture. No, really, look. OkAY. Now you can...
Image of a cross section of a water surface.

What Kind of Water Drinker are You?

Find your fountain We all know water is as essential to life as breathing air. It helps us digest...
Scrabble pieces spelling out the word "Trust."

Does Your Behaviour Foster Trust?

Stephen Covey shares how to build trust at work In every personal relationship, there’s the equivalent of a trust...