Remote Working and Flexible Hours: Are Managers Behind the Times?

Young home office manager sitting on couch with pillows in front of laptop

A Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA) survey finds that a majority of Canadian HR professionals believe there will soon be an increase in employees working remotely. But the biggest roadblock is getting support from management. Only 33% of respondents say their workplaces are currently considered “friendly” for the remote worker. Claude Balthazard, Vice-President, Regulatory Affairs […]

Bullying: Is it Happening at your Work?

Businessman yelling at female colleague in office

Lynda Fleming (not her real name) is a fashionably-dressed woman in her late forties, yet she looks and feels ten years older. Lynda has been traumatized by workplace bullying, or harassment as she calls it, to the point where she has been off on stress leave for more than a year and is now awaiting […]