Using Psychometric Tests to Tap into Talent

Employee engagement is the new “buzzword”. My clients are both excited and puzzled by the notion. Their excitement stems from their belief that “It’s about time we had this conversation.” The puzzlement stems from their thought, “So, how do we do this?”. Psychometric tests can help.

What does it take to be engaged?

My concern about this most recent trend is that, like other trends in the past, lips speak the words but true commitment does not follow. If an organization is serious about engaging its employees, its commitment extends beyond employee engagement surveys to actual day-to-day practices of the organization.

Engagement implies that employees want to show up at work every day. Why do they want to be there? Because they know they are making a difference and because they believe they are making a contribution to the success of the company. For this reason engaged employees bring the best of who they are in what they do — their strengths, knowledge and experience.

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Betty Healey
Betty Healey, M.Ed., is a team and leadership coach, coaching people and teams back to life! Betty is a certified Lumina Learning affiliate and the co-creator of Conscious Communication programs designed to help individuals, leaders and teams see themselves through a strengths-based lens.
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