Wisdom For Your Workplace: Avoiding Confrontation Is Harmful

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“Positive Affect” Helps You Approach the Difficult  After struggling to conceive their second child, Nancy Andrews and her husband, Thomas, as reported in the NY Daily News, turned to New York Medical Services for in vitro fertilization treatments. Andrews soon became pregnant and the couple was overjoyed. The only problem? The Park Ave. fertility clinic […]

What’s In A Name?

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Does your job title matter?  Once upon a time the workplace was simple. There were two roles: workers and a boss. Now, especially in larger organizations, there are chiefs of everything. And in almost every government department there are not just supervisors, but heads, managers and directors, and director generals.  Major Canadian companies are no […]

Play at Work!

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Companies reap the benefits of fun, playful workspaces “Work while you work. Play while you play. This is the way to be happy each day.” So begins a traditional poem taught to children for the sake of instilling an attitude of diligence and dedication to the task at hand. But lately, the amalgamation of work […]

The Perfect Cup

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Should you supply coffee to your employees? Google believes that there really is such a thing as a free lunch. “We at Google Canada have found that giving people what they feel they need to work best really pays off in the long run.” Having fresh coffee provided for workers could be just the thing […]

Kissing? In The Workplace?

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The latest trends for the seasoned greeter  At cocktail parties there seems to be a lot of people double kissing — a gaggle of revellers insisting that one kiss is not enough; that if you kiss them you are going to have to turn the other cheek.  This is how it goes. You say, “Oh, […]

The Human Side Of Change

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Navigating the three phases of transition  I am often reminded that “change is the only constant” in work and in life. We accept it as a fact and yet, we have a human response to the changes going on around us. The issue of change is largely ignored by individuals and organizations until that moment […]

Are You Positive Enough At Work?

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Positive psychology gives organizations a competitive advantage In the late ’90s, a psychologist by the name of Martin E. P. Seligman was elected President of the American Psychological Association. As part of his keynote address, Seligman called for “a new science of human strengths” — a reorientation of the way psychology had been focused, a […]

One Quarter Of Workers Have Felt Bullied

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Young and older workers most likely to be bullied A total of 27% of U.S. workers reported they have felt bullied in the workplace with the majority neither confronting nor reporting the bully, according to a recent study by CareerBuilder. Women, workers age 55 or older, and workers age 24 or younger were more likely […]

Best Employers For 50+ Canadians

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Companies actively seek employee feedback The Workplace Institute recently announced that three companies have earned the Best Employers Award for 50-Plus Canadians™ for 2011.  “It’s no surprise that these organizations won the award,” says award founder Barbara Jaworski, CEO of the Workplace Institute and author of KAA-BOOM! How to Engage the 50-Plus Worker and Beat […]