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What I Think: Changing Thoughts And Behaviour, One Page At A Time

I started doing something new. Well, it’s not actually new to me, it just feels like I am going to see results...
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Wisdom For Your Workplace: Avoiding Confrontation Is Harmful

“Positive Affect” Helps You Approach the Difficult  After struggling to conceive their second child, Nancy Andrews and her husband,...
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What’s In A Name?

Does your job title matter?  Once upon a time the workplace was simple. There were two roles: workers and...
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Play at Work!

Companies reap the benefits of fun, playful workspaces “Work while you work. Play while you play. This is the...
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The Perfect Cup

Should you supply coffee to your employees? Google believes that there really is such a thing as a free...
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Kissing? In The Workplace?

The latest trends for the seasoned greeter  At cocktail parties there seems to be a lot of people double...
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The Human Side Of Change

Navigating the three phases of transition  I am often reminded that “change is the only constant” in work and...
Positive building structures.

Are You Positive Enough At Work?

Positive psychology gives organizations a competitive advantage In the late ’90s, a psychologist by the name of Martin E....
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One Quarter Of Workers Have Felt Bullied

Young and older workers most likely to be bullied A total of 27% of U.S. workers reported they have...
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Best Employers For 50+ Canadians

Companies actively seek employee feedback The Workplace Institute recently announced that three companies have earned the Best Employers Award...