Kissing? In The Workplace?

The latest trends for the seasoned greeter 

At cocktail parties there seems to be a lot of people double kissing — a gaggle of revellers insisting that one kiss is not enough; that if you kiss them you are going to have to turn the other cheek. 

This is how it goes. You say, “Oh, hi!” and move toward the person, perhaps kissing them on one side of the cheek, and then just when you’re about to move on to the next person, they pull you back in for the second smooch. Frankly, it feels contrived, affected really, but when I expressed my concern to one partygoer, she said, “Dahling, the double kiss is so Montreal.” And she even said it with a British accent (even though she’s from the tiny town of Napanee)! Proves my point, doesn’t it? I thought comedy festivals, bagels and bars open until 4:00 am were so Montreal, but apparently that makes me uncouth. 

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Deborah Kimmett
Besides being a humorist, Deborah Kimmett is a motivational speaker who inspires groups with presentations through her company, Wit with Wisdom. She is also an author and a regular performer on CBC Radio.