Building A Strengths-Based Work Culture

An older woman right in her position.

Psychometric tools help you tap into talent  Employee engagement is the new “buzzword”. My clients are both excited and puzzled by the notion. Their excitement stems from their belief that “It’s about time we had this conversation.” The puzzlement stems from their thought, “So, how do we do this?”.  What does it take to be […]

What’s In Your Closet?

Couple choosing clothing.

The latest on how to dress for success  If you are like many of us, one of the first challenges you face in the morning is sorting out what to wear to work. If you’re one of those who is organized enough to lay out your clothes in advance, well, bully for you. As workplaces […]

Retaining Your Talent: Potential And Pitfalls

A tug-of-war over talent.

“Flight risk” the greatest risk facing companies with bright, new hires  As the war for talent continues in earnest — fuelled by demographic pressures of pending boomer retirement and competitive pressures — organizations are increasingly challenged to identify and quickly develop their high-potential talent. This includes relatively new hires who have made an impact on […]

Cost Of Colds “Enormous” To The Workplace

Sneezies. Photo courtesy of Yuri Acurs.

New research from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ont. suggests that colds have more of an economic impact than was once thought. While the report was conducted in Canada and is the first of its kind to look on the impact of colds and flu on school absenteeism, the workplace, and the economy, researchers used U.S. […]

Workplace Violence And Harassment On The Increase In Europe

Violence, verbal aggression or threats that employees experience are critical health and safety issues. Photo courtesy of Diego Cervo.

Violence, bullying and harassment are becoming increasingly common features of European workplaces, according to a new report by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA). Yet the response from organizations and national governments is widely felt to be inadequate.  Third-party violence and harassment affect from 5% to 20% of European workers. The […]

Dutch Women “Live” Work-Life Balance

Are they happier than the rest of us?

Are they happier than the rest of us? Few Dutch women work full-time, and are happier for it, Maclean’s reported in their September 5, 2011 issue. Featuring a photo of a smiling Dutch mother on a bicycle with three young ones in a carrier, the article explains that women in the Netherlands may have caught […]

Open Workspace Increases Engagement, Retention

Open concept offices improve corporate culture, morale and politeness, amongst other things.

Companies that have open office layouts are gaining not only more space and employees who are engaged and stay at the company longer, but it also increases performance and decreases employee misconduct, according to a new survey by Ethisphere Institute and Jones Lang LaSalle.  The results reveal open workplace strategies are becoming more popular among […]

Half Of UK Employees Work Through Holidays

52% of the British employees who are not self-employed admit to having worked through their holidays. This can be very costly to employers in part by way of high levels of absenteeism, increased staff turnover, recruitment costs, insurance premiums, low saff morale and productivity.

Research by YouGov for Croner, a UK provider of workplace advice, information and software, reveals that 52% of the British employees who are not self-employed admit to having worked through their holidays. Nearly one in five (18%) make a regular habit of it.  The online survey of more than 1200 adults took place in February […]