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6 Tips to Find Your Dream Job

Some people expect that their employer or their colleagues are responsible for creating the circumstances whereby they love their job. However, your dream job begins with you: the degree to which you know yourself and know what you want from work, the extent to which you are curious and seek opportunities for personal and professional growth, and your ability to ask questions, clarify expectations and engage in the work at hand.

Tips to find your dream job:

1. Know Yourself

Most people love learning about themselves: their strengths, their personality, their gifts and talents. More than just a learning exercise, however, all of these aspects are important in understanding what would be ideal for you. You also want to choose work which engages you. Typically this cannot happen unless your work and your key strengths are aligned. Work that does not build on your strengths and unique talents often leaves you wanting more and feeling under-utilized.

Make. Work. Better.

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Betty Healey
Betty Healey, M.Ed., is a team and leadership coach, coaching people and teams back to life! Betty is a certified Lumina Learning affiliate and the co-creator of Conscious Communication programs designed to help individuals, leaders and teams see themselves through a strengths-based lens.

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